Below is an excerpt from an actual email I recently received from a client:

Hey – I was just looking in my cabinets and – well,  I just want to say thank you.
I had to buy a new (shorter) belt. My fridge and cabinets have only healthy food. And the one time I went out for dinner (and some wine) I actually got sick later – prob from eating too much (pasta) and having bread – But I digress.

I just want to thank you for your guidance in helping me make a change in my eating habits. It’s weird – but I definitely notice a difference. I was grocery shopping yesterday – and I even felt less inclined to buy the crap food I used to. It’s a strange sensation – but I like it.

Anyway – just wanted to share. This was totally worth the investment.



Let the results speak for themselves. It’s not dieting, nor is it pain-staking effort. We just check in with where you’re at currently, make you more aware of what and HOW you’re eating, and get to work on making adjustments that work with you rather than against. We’ll do fun stuff like diagnose your kitchen or check your willingness to change. We’ll also make suggestions for recipes and what to eat when. If you don’t like to cook, we’ll work to discover the appropriate take out in your area. We just want to help you get where you need to be.


Already got a handle on it? Just want someone to tell you what to eat when? Skip the coaching and get yourself a program – mass gain, weight loss, performance, special diets and more. After gathering some initial information, we’ll not only break down how many calories and macros to eat, but also tell you when to eat them based on YOUR schedule.


If you’re really ready to dig in, get the whole shebang. A plan crafted just for you for every aspect of training – rest days, competition days, leg day, cheat day – you name it. You’ll also work directly with me to figure out your focus areas, eating habits, behavioral modifications, what to eat at your fave restaurants, how many calories to eat, how quickly you can reach your goals, and more.

Contact us below to set up your consultation and find out more about each tier.